• Pipe Fitter

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    Contract to Permanent (Full Time)
  • Overview

    Lay out, assemble, install, and maintain pipe systems, pipe supports, and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for: steam, hot water, heating, cooling, lubricating, sprinkling, and industrial production and processing systems. Apply knowledge of system operation and following blueprints. Lay out, fit, and weld fabricated, cast, and forged components to assemble structural forms.


    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

    • Select type and size of pipe, and related materials and equipment, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications. 
    • Plan installation or repair to avoid obstructions and to avoid interfering with activities of other workers. 
    • Cut pipe using saws, pipe cutter, hammer and chisel, cutting torch, and pipe-cutting machine. 
    • Thread pipe, using pipe-threading machine. 
    • Bend pipe, using pipe-bending tools and pipe-bending machine. 
    • Assemble and installs variety of metal and nonmetal pipes, using threaded caulked, soldering, brazen, fused, or cemented joints, and hand tools. 
    • Secure pipes to structure with bracket, clamps, and hangers, using hand tools and power tools. 
    • Install and maintain hydraulic and pneumatic components or machines and equipment, such as pumps and cylinders using hand tools. 
    • Install and maintain compressors, pumps, meters, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, and piping, using hand tools and power tools, and following

       specifications and blueprints. 
    • Increase pressure in pipe system and observes connected pressure gauge to test system. 
    • May weld pipe supports to structural steel members. 
    • May observe production machines in assigned area of manufacturing facility to detect machinery malfunctions. 
    • May operate machinery to verify repair. 
    • Respiratory protection is common and may be required. 
    • Responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules. 
    • Other duties may be assigned 
    • Lay out, position, align, and secure parts and assemblies prior to assembly. 
    • Examine work pieces for defects and measure work pieces to ensure conformance with specifications. 
    • Weld together metal components of products such as piping systems, plate, pipe and tube or structural shapes, as specified by layout, blueprints, diagram,   

       work order, welding procedures, or oral instructions, using electric arc-welding equipment. 
    • Obtain specified electrode and inserts electrode into portable holder or threads consumable electrode wire through portable welding gun. 
    • Connect cables and adjust welding unit to obtain amperage, voltage, polarity, and pulse, as specified by welding procedure or supervisor. 
    • Start power supply to produce electric current. 
    • Strike (form) arc which generates heat to melt and deposit metal from electrode to work piece and join edges of work piece. 
    • Manually guide electrode or gun along weld-line, maintaining length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion and bead, as judged

       from color of metal, sound of weld, and size of molten puddle. 

    • Weld in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions. 
    • Examine weld for bead size and other specifications. 
    • May manually apply filler rod to supply weld metal. 
    • May clean or degrease weld joint or workplace, using wire brush, portable grinder, or chemical bath. May repair broken or cracked parts and fill holes. 
    • May prepare broken parts for welding by grooving or scarfing surfaces. 
    • May remove excess weld, defective weld material, slag, and spatter, using carbon arc gouge, hand scraper, grinder or power chipper. 
    • May preheat work piece, using hand torch or heating furnace. 
    • May position and clamp work piece together or assemble then in a jig or fixture. 
    • May tack weld assemblies together. 
    • May cut metal plates or structural shapes. 
    • May fit up parts (pipe, tube, structural shapes, or plate) and inspect fit before welding. 
    • May be required to use Gas-Metal Arc, Flux-Cored Arc, Gas-Tungsten Arc, Submerged Arc, or Shielded-Metal Arc welding processes. 
    • Respiratory protection is common and may be required. 
    • Responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules. 
    • Other duties as assigned. 


    Must be at least 18 years of age. 
    • Must pass written Pipe Fitter test. 
    • Utilize basic math and a calculator to solve geometric problems associated with Pipe Fitting. 
    • Must be able to TIG and STICK weld on stainless and carbon (pipe size and material welded varies per site). 
    • Must pass required weld tests (varies per site). 
    • Must be willing to work outside craft. 
    • Must wear safety gear, including protective goggles, masks, face shields and safety shoes. 
    • Must be able to read, write and communicate clearly with supervisor/co-workers and understand direction from supervisor. 
    • May be required to work outside and be subject to severe weather as well. 
    • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, climb, bend, twist, stand and reach repetitively, operate moving equipment and work in hot/cold/damp/cramped

    • Employee must be able to climb, bend, twist, stand and reach repetitively, operate moving equipment and work in hot/cold/damp/cramped environments. 
    • Candidate may be required to pass a drug test and Criminal background check based on job location/requirements. 



    Minimum Required Tool List: 
    • 1 each 10” & 12” Crescent Wrench 
    • 2 each 14” & 18” Pipe Wrenches 
    • 1 each Torpedo Level 
    • 1 each 2’ Level 
    • 1 each Chalk Box 
    • 1 set Box Wrenches up to 1 ¼” 
    • 1 each Channel Lock Pliers 
    • 1 set Allen Wrenches 
    • 1 each Wrap Around 
    • 1 each 25’ & 50’ Tape Measure 
    • 1 each Hammer 
    • 1 each Hack Saw and Blade 
    • 1 each Tri-Square 
    • 1 each Plumb Bob 
    • 1 each Framing Square 
    • 1 each Burning Glasses 
    • 1 each Center Punch 
    • 1 each Tubing Cutter 
    • 1 each Pipe Fitters Book and Calculator 
    • Must have own TIG Rig and Stinger 
    • 1 each 12” Crescent Wench 
    • 1 each Stinger (whip) for Stick Welding 
    • 1 each Tig Rig w/Hose and Gauges 
    • 1 each 25’ Tape Measure 
    • 1 set Burning Goggles 
    • 1 each Chipping Hammer 
    • 1 set Brushes 
    • 1 pair Welding Gloves 
    • 1 pair Leathers (optional) 
    • 1 each Welding Hood and Lens (Must be attached to hard hat or will attach to hard hat) *No Soft Cap Hoods 



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